Personal Health Train

The DIFUTURE implementation of the Personal Health Train from Tübingen University as part of the PHT implementation network

General idea & background

The Personal Health Train (PHT) manifesto was introduced by the Dutch Techcentre for life sciences (DTL). The PHT is a GO:FAIR Implementation Network.


The personal health train is developed by each GO:FAIR Implementation Network based on their requirements and needs. The implementation of PHT Tübingen is based on the following main assumptions:

  • A manual review step of each executed train
  • Use container technologies to adapt rapidly to the analytical requirements
  • A central architecture to submit and distribute trains to each station
Code available at:


You are interested in contributing to the PHT project in one of the following ways:
  • research questions you want to answer with de-central analysis
  • concepts to extend or enable different methods
  • code development
please reach us, using the contact form.
Feel free to join our Discord channel, where you can ask any questions regarding PHT.