What we do

DIFUTURE Tübingen joined the GO:FAIR PHT Implementation Network  in 2018 as a milestone for distributed FAIR analysis. We developed a productive deployment-ready PHT-meDIC solution to achieve the defined goals from the PHT manifesto. Our architecture and services are fully open source accessible, and demonstrate how modern cloud techniques can be leveraged for complex distributed, privacy-preserving medical data analytics.
Distributed PHT-meDIC analysis

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Our Team

Marius (MSc in Medical Informatics in 2018),  works as PhD student on: development, project management, analysis, security concepts, and enabling new methods using the Personal Health Train. He is part of the DIFUTURE analytics Team and MII Task Force distributed learning. Marius created and designed this homepage. Contact: Marius.de-Arruda-Botelho-Herr@uni-tuebingen.de

David studied computer science in Tübinen and finished his M.Sc in 2021. He works as a research assistant at the Institute of Translational Bioinformatics on the PHT and Leuko-Expert projects.

Peter studies media informatics (M.Sc) and works for the hospital (UKT) as IT-Worker and is also responsible for the e-learning and survey applications. At TBI he works as a research assistant. He contributes to the following PHT topics: security implementation, UI- designs & applications, backend APIs and microservices.

Alexander studied in his B.Sc bioinformatics and finished his M.Sc for the same in 2022. He works as PhD student at the Institute for Biomedical Informatics (IBMI) and works as a developer on: backend APIs, frontend testing and other methods for the PHT-meDIC.
Mete (Ph.D. in computer engineering),  works as group leader of the Medical Data Privacy and Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning on Healthcare Data (MDPPML) and security advisor on the Personal Health Train Tübingen.
Stephanie (PhD in Neurobiology & Epigenetics, 2016) leads the analytics team of the medical data integration center (meDIC) at the UKT, which is part of the DIFUTURE consortium within the MII.
Nico is W3 Professor for Computer Science (Methods in Medical Informatics) and lead of the ZIV (Center for innovative care) in Tübingen. For further information, please visit his personal website.
Oliver is, among other positions, director of the Institute for Translational Bioinformatics and PI of DIFUTURE Tübingen. For further information, please visit his personal website.


You are interested to contribute to the PHT project in one of the following ways:

  • research questions you want to answer with de-central analysis
  • concepts to extend or enable different methods
  • code development
please reach us, using the contact form.